Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sketchbook Assignments

1. Imitation Drawing: Still Life

  • To gain a basic understanding about the Realism Art Movement and to identify Artist who work(ed)in this style:
  • To practice drawing in the realist style by "imitating" a professional, realistic work of art.

2. Still life Drawing

  • To create a still-life drawing that demonstrates understanding of drawing in perspective, along with using a variety of mark-making techniques to describe form;
  • To understand value by creating a good range of values to help make the objects appear 3D;
  • To demonstrate quality craftsmanship and good composition skills in a drawing.

3. Imitation Drawing: Portrait

  • To become familiar with past and contemporary portrait artists;
  • To use critical thinking skills to analyze artwork;
  • To understand how and why artists create portraits.
  • To practice drawing in a portrait by "imitating" a professional work of art.

4. Half Portrait Drawing 

To look closely at half of a portrait and complete the portrait by drawing similar features;
To practice drawing facial features: eyes, nose, and mouth.

5. Autobiographical Collage
  • To create an autobiographical collage that tells the story of an experience(s) that took place in the artist's life. It lets the artist express his or her thoughts and feelings about any aspect of his/her life.

6. Mandala Design
  • To become familiar with Mandala designs and it's meanings;
  • To create your own, original Mandala.

Work of Art that I am the most proud of

I was really proud of this piece of artwork because it shows my best effort that I put in to create this beautiful painting. I think when I chose this painting, I knew I wanted it to make it perfect and every criteria's possible. I followed few steps to make it the way it is and I was careful about all the things that I was doing. First I started sketching my artwork than I did some blocking which helped me figure out what color I wanted to use in this painting. Then I figured out my foreground, middle ground, and background. I started painting from my background to the foreground so if I have any mistakes then I can just fix it. At the very last I did my bridge and the buildings because that was the foreground and it was kind of challenging because I had to really take care of the small details. But when it all done I was really proud of myself and my painting.

Revisiting my Goals for the semester

I tried my best to achieve my goal and in some part, I succeeded and in part, I didn't. I was really happy with the artworks that I produced and the quality time that I spent on it to give my best effort and to make the best way possible. My goals were to learn different skills and medium then last and also learn more in depth. I achieved that goal because I explored and learned a lot of new skills and techniques, which helped me in my artworks and learn more in depth. I hoped to refine my skills in 3-dimensional drawings and at the starting of the year when we did the still-life drawing and I really enjoyed that unit because it was something that I learned earlier and receiving new skills in it. I wanted to spend more time in it by exploring more in depth about still-life drawings. Overall I think I did achieve my goals throughout this unit.

Watercolor Techniques


  • To experiment, explore, and learn a variety of ways to paint with watercolor.

This was the most fun unit I have done this year in drawing and painting class. I learned a lot of new important concepts from painting with watercolor. I have learned a lot of new techniques in watercolor which were really helpful for my landscape watercolor painting. I demonstrated a lot of technique that I learned in my final painting but I also included mixing of two techniques.  The important concept that I learned was that the values are important in this painting and whenever we start painting, start with light value to dark value because if you mess up then we can't fix the mistakes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Unsung Hero Portrait & Artist Statement

I had a really hard time thinking about which unsung hero to choose because everyone hero is very inspiring, which has it a unique and powerful story. I looked over a lot of unsung heroes and I came across a Hero the inspired the most, while I was reading his story. His name is Andrew Higgins and he was the owner of Higgins Industries and inventor of the boat often called landing craft, vehicle, personnel (LCVP) or Higgins boat. After reading his inspiring story it just made me want to read more and more about him and how he did it. I made up my mind when I read his story because in History we just learned about WW2 but yet no one knows about the person whose boat was one of the major factors in the War. I think my work fully expresses my hero’s character and his heroic acts. In my artwork, it expresses all the efforts that he put into designing the boat which was the only once mostly used in WW2. In my work, I have my hero to the left in dark blue color which stands for his association with depth, expertise, and stability; it is also preferred for corporate America. He is drawing the design of the boat that he made on an easel and in the background, there are all the photos from the war and how his boats were used during the war.

It took some time to think about how to make it creative and unique which also expresses my hero in the best way possible. I wanted to make it so it shows everything that he did and how it impacted the war and how it would have been totally different if the boat wasn’t invented so I wanted to put the boat as the main focus of the painting. I got the idea of making Higgins's drawing the boat on the easel from the word “designing” its expresses that he is designed which is the best way to show it. I got the idea of putting pictures in the background from one of my classmate who did her painting last year and did the same thing to express her personality. By creating this painting I learned a lot of thing about art and how one person can have a major impact on event or war. It also taught me that we don’t have to be a famous or rich person to do something special or important because Higgins was such an important person in WW2 but didn’t get recognized for what he did until now. By doing this painting I learned how to be creative and expressive. I learned the meaning of the colors and how to use them in the painting.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

LMC Unsung Hero Planning

Andrew Higgins who served in Nebraska National Guard before working several jobs in lumber, shipping, and boat building with aim starting his own business. This unsung hero inspires me because he was one the most influential person during the WW2. He was the person who changed the vision of WW2 because if he hasn't invented the LCVP( Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personel) boat, commonly known as Higgins Boat then the WW2 could have been completely different if not for the vision and technological innovation of Higgins. He also inspires me, he was the one that won the war for America because was would have been different and the history could have been forever altered. Victory in the war was largely depended on the tools with which battles are waged.

Landscape Perspective Painting

I used few different strategy in my painting like layering, background, and foreground. I learned a lot of different things by doing this painting like how to do layering and figuring out the background to foreground and painting it in order. I also learned about different techniques on how to paint and all the values and mixing of colors because my painting has a lot of merging and bright colors with a contrast of dark purple. I also learned the depth of the paintings and how it is not like a photograph but have all the qualities in painting.

I had a couple of challenge while working through my painting. When I started doing my painting I started sketching everything and did my foreground in my sketch. So when I started my painting I did the blocking and then I started doing my background but the problem was that I already did my bridge which was a foreground so I have to color it over. Getting the colors similar to the landscape, so had some had a time finding the perfect matching color which I was satisfied with for my painting. I also had a bit hard time with getting all the textures of the sky in the background right. I think next time I will figure out what the background and foreground are carefully and then start my painting.